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Connection by Josh

Hand me down dreams

The fate of destiny preplanned

The world sees me

Screams there’s no hope

You can’t succeed

I begin to think why try

Desperate I yearn

To achieve

To attain

To belong

To matter

Ignored by the educated

Community binds me

Community bids me

Come experience unity

Community says we will fight

For dignity

For hope

For love

For triumph

The fate of my destiny not pre-scripted

The world I see

Screams you matter

There’s hope

There’s love

Though I may be hard to find

The callous of society

The disrespect of poverty

Attempts to keep oppression secret

Make claims that change

Cannot exist here

Where I grow up

Community comes along side

Community pushes back

Against bad policy

Against drugs danger and crime

Community embraces

Community chases away fear

Community is mother











Seeking to uplift each other


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The Throne by Josh

There will be a time when reconciliation is achieved

That time is not sometime in the distant future

That time is not just heaven but earth now today

Reconciliation can and does ring true in the hearts of

People who have seen a better approach to living

The fellowship of brotherhood will unite

Compassion peace and neighborliness

Eliminate the path so wide that hate has carved

The saint and sinner

The one who fell down and by grace tried to get back

The wounded

The poor

The rich

The young

The old







Approach the throne of grace that overflows

The desire of love seeks to reconcile

By the life example of Christ

Only in sacrifice and love for other above self can this be achieved

The doubtful

The homosexual

The self righteous

As I live each day in hope

That love in my life pours out onto and into the lives of others


“The Throne” by Josh



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